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Trade Solutions (Scotland) Ltd Logo
Trade Solutions (Scotland) Ltd Logo

Our Responsibilities

Quality Assurance

All of our products are produced following our quality management system based on the BRC V7 Food.

We have BRC AA Grade for our site.

We are happy to receive requests for further information, samples and specifications.


Trade Solutions is a member of Sedex, Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. Sedex provides member companies with a secure web based platform for storing and sharing information on four key pillars:

  • Health & Safety
  • Labour Standards
  • Business Integrity
  • The Environment

Trade Solutions Scotland Ltd Sedex member number is ZC1025006


At Trade Solutions Scotland Ltd, we are committed to looking after our environment.

Our main source of energy is the wind. We have one wind turbine which was installed in 2013, which has a capacity of 500kW.

The wind turbine is capable of producing 150-200% of our sites annual electricity requirement, with the excess being sent back to the grid to be used elsewhere. This is dependent on having some good windy days, which we can assure we are not short of in the beautiful Blairgowrie countryside.

Wind is renewable, economic, safe and good for the environment. We are always looking for new ways to cut our energy consumption alongside other environmental projects.

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About Us

About Us